Welcome to our community page were you can find out information about our regular renters and partner organizations who collaborate with us on our spaces. See below for a list of organizations and their activities, click the links below to find out more.

Iwi Studios Partners:

cropped-IMG_20160805_125130-2.jpg  Ducktape – Hip Hop dance company with Justine Schwanen

cropped-IMG_20160805_125130-2.jpg  Stiching PLAY – Dance events and workshops.

cropped-IMG_20160805_125130-2.jpg  Jus Dance – Justine Schwanen: Dances classes

cropped-IMG_20160805_125130-2.jpg  Compania Cielito – Argentine Tango dance company

Our community of creators:

Mbrace – Marleen Franckhart

Bezouk – Marko Faas

Amor de Tango – Frank Duking

Cielito – Isolde Kanikani

Aum – Willem Gosselt

Biodanza – Merel

Tango Atelier – Paul Vossen

Walking Gorgeously in high heels – Kanitia Black

Friends of Iwi Studios:

Here we have placed some organizations and individuals who have been a great help in the start of Iwi studios but aren’t directly linked by using our spaces at this time.

With thanks to:

Luc Frankhart – For the use of Mbrace when we were fully booked ourselves.

Jacob Braaksma – for all the wonderful photos used over the years for our promotion.

Tracey Gooch – Who in a further situation but much further along has been a great source of inspiration, fun and help in thinking through the behind the scenes set up of our studios.

Bezouk and in Particular Marko – as our longest standing renter to date, bringing with him many great activities centered around Brazilian Zouk.

There are many more conspirators and friends who have added their 2 cents which became integral ideas and concepts within Iwi. Iwi is a the beginning and the culmination of many years of creativity from all around.

Community - longest standing renters to date