Tools for renters

We value personal contact in creating stronger community ties between all our renters and creators. But sometimes its more important to be efficient with time and to keep contact time about the things that matter. So we have provided below, a number of information sheets and tools you can use to enable better use of our spaces and prosperity in organizing you events.

Information for the use of our spaces:

Setting up your members area:

Go to Iwi studios website
Look to the right side of the screen to the menu named: Login & Member area
Below this title you will see the item Register, clicke here and fill out the form on the following page.
Once you have filled out the form you will need to go to the inbox of your email account to confirm your email. Once this is done the confirmation link will take you back to
Here you can login and access your members area.

Please note that each new member is automatically given basic use of the site.


Regular renter contract – part 1 Link (details of rental agreement contract)(NL)

Regular renter contract – part 2 Link (general rental terms & conditions)(NL)

Suggested Promotion list (Utrecht,NL) Link